(Sept. 15.18) found 2 lovebirds in Saint-Antoine NB

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(Sept. 15.18) found 2 lovebirds in Saint-Antoine NB

Messagepar Toddinséparable » Mer Sep 19, 2018 5:50 pm

Perroquetsecours Wanted Notice

Date : Sept. 15.18
Status : Sighted/found
Species : Lovebirds
Bird's name :
Distinguishing Characteristics :
Location, Country, State, Province, City : Saint-Antoine, New Brunswick, Canada
Street, intersection, area : In a park near a school, and near a nursing home.
Band or microchip ID :
Details : The one sighted near the nursing home has been caught.
Contact name : Perroquetsecours
Contact phone : 450-567-8765
Contact email : avisderecherche@perroquetsecours.com
Original Listing URL : https://www.facebook.com/groups/6017210 ... 528270197/
Listing from : CanadaLost and Found Birds Parrots
Quote :
FOUND & SIGHTING: 2 LOVEBIRDS, Sainte Antione Park, NB, Canada

*Update! 1 Lovie caught by local Nursing Home.They are trying to capture the other!
SIGHTING : 2 Lovebirds spotted Sainte Antione park, NB, Canada
on Sept. 15 at 7 pm near the school.
xxxx Rue Principale, Saint-Antoine, NB E4V 1P7.
(Parc Gilbert-Leger is closed for the season but located within the community.Small, very open ( lawns, lightly treed, and a few buildings.)
Saint-Antoine is a village 35 km north of Moncton & 18 km Southwest of Bouctouche, NB,Canada
( original post was removed fr Village Sainte-Antione Page )
Picture or poster :

Note : To ensure the return of this bird to its legitimate owner, we do not publish its picture. Only the owner can describe this bird accurately and specify any distinctive sign.

Perroquetsecours will automatically send to whom it may concern and as soon as possible, all information received as relevant that could lead to the reunion of this bird with its owner. Contact the original listing URL or contact Perroquetsecours at : Avisderecherche@perroquetsecours.com
If this an urgent matter contact : 450-567-8765

Confidential Information :
http://www.perroquetsecours.com/forums/ ... 57&t=29452

To follow the bird's historic, visit the following URL :
http://www.perroquetsecours.com/forums/ ... 77&t=29455

The owner offering a reward does on its own initiative. Therefore, Perroquetsecours shall not be held responsible or liable for any payment regarding any reward offered or implied by anyone in any advertisements or articles published on its website or any other partner sites.
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Re: (Sept. 15.18) sighted 2 lovebirds in Saint-Antoine NB

Messagepar Jojo » Mer Sep 19, 2018 9:04 pm

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Re: (Sept. 15.18) found 2 lovebirds in Saint-Antoine NB

Messagepar Nancy Do » Jeu Sep 20, 2018 7:37 am

CANADA LOST AND FOUND BIRDS PARROTS : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... ater&ifg=1
Additional Update! Safe !! Still seeking owner.
Both Lovebirds have now been captured. And are together at Moncton SPCA , NB. 40 km away from village of Sainte Antione. Attempts will no doubt be made to locate owner who likely lives in/near the village.
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