(05 Août 2011) trouvé toui à Calgary AB

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(05 Août 2011) trouvé toui à Calgary AB

Messagepar Jojo » Lun Aoû 15, 2011 9:22 pm

Vu sur 911parrotalert : http://www.911parrotalert.com/found/fou ... aug-05-11/
Species: Parrotlet - Pacific (See species list for details)
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3K3X8
Date Found: August 5, 2011
Banded: No
Have a lost Parrotlet surrendered to our pet store by the people that found it. Have very little information to go on, but it was probably somewhere around Country Hills or some other community with a short driving distance. The bird is quite tame; he likes to stay close by and especially loves scratches, though he can be pretty nippy. His chest is downy due to overpreening/plucking. He’s also got a chipped beak, though this may be due to his time outside. Had full flight, but I clipped his wings for safety.
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