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(28 Avril 2010) jardine en Nouvelle-Écosse

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LOST: Canada, NS, Sydney, Jardine's 'Buddy', Apr 28.10

Lost Parrot! Reward is $2000

Date Listed 03-Jul-10
Last Edited 03-Jul-10
Address Sydney, NS B1N 1B4, Canada
we have a few leads that someone may have our pet in their home. If you are
reading this and have our beloved pet in your care, please call us and just say
that he was found. No questions asked, we can meet in a public place and upon
exchange of our pet we will give you the $2,000 reward. It has been almost six
weeks since Buddy went missing and my mother is still grieving and crying over
Buddy. If anyone has any information, on the whereabouts of Buddy or knows of
someone who has recently acquired a parrot of this description, please call to
let us know your information. If this information leads to our pet jardine being
returned the reward of $2,000 will be paid to you (The Jardines are rare birds,
Buddy is the only one in Cape Breton, other that the one not sold in Pets
Unlimited in Sydney). All information as to the whereabouts of our pet will be
held strictly confidential. We need not know your name or address, since we can
do the exchange in a public place. We just want the return of Buddy. Anyone
returning Buddy to his rightful home will be instantly rewarded with $2,000.

Please call to let us know if your information leads to our pet being returned,
and please tell anyone who answers the phone at our number 539-7039 and they
will contact me (Christian) or my mom's cell phone and we will immediately
arrange the transaction for the $2,000 reward. Or call 565-1960 (my mom's cell)
or 565-0194 (my cell) or leave a message on the home answering maching which we
will promptly reply to.

On Wednesday, April 28th 2010 our beloved pet Jardine parrot was in our yard (By
Broadway, toward the water in Whitney pier in the Sydney area) and was spooked
by a seagull that was chasing him. He then lost his way. He was sighted Thursday
afternoon in the Sydney area tapping with his beak on someone's window (he does
this when he's happy at home). We believe that he is trying to find his way back
home. This was Thursday so we know he is still alive, even though being exposed
to the rain and predators for one and a half days. The name he responds to is
buddy, or also a wolf whistle. He stands a little over 12 inches in height, has
a green body with varying shades of green, and green and black scalloped wings,
a bright orange spot around the size of a loonie above his beak, wings tipped
with orange, black stripe down his hawk-like beak (hooked beak) and his beak is
quite large in comparison to his body. He also has a silver aviary band on his
leg. (Buddy is more accustomed to humans than he is to birds and is very
affectionate. If he lands on your shoulder don't be alarmed!! Just walk into
your house, car, etc. He is very gentle and probably very scared. He can easily
be lured into your home with a granola bar, carrot, any type of nut, or cereal.
He is a very loved pet. My mother is heartbroken and loves Buddy so very much,
and is disabled and Buddy is her companion. If anyone sees Buddy, or is able to
lure him into their home, please call ASAP. My mom's number is:
Home: 539-7039 Cell: 565-1960
We will promptly stop what we are doing and come pick Buddy up. And of course
present you with the reward of $500
*** If your sighting is responsible for buddy being returned home the reward
still goes to you***
So if you hear any tapping at your window, it is Buddy's way of looking for us.
Please try not to startle him. Just grab a treat, he will probably just try to
fly on your shoulder, but don't be alarmed, he is a very gently and harmless
Christian Barrie

Please don't hesitate to call my mother or e-mail me at mailto: christianbw (AT)

Source: Kijiji.ca
http://truro.kijiji.ca/c-community-lost ... Z215196827
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