Gravel and gravel products

-Vous avez adopté un oiseau ? Vous trouverez ici de l'information sur la cage appropriée à l'espèce, les aires de jeux, installations, jouets et détails sur leur confection. Les photos sont permises en les hébergeant, au préalable, sur un site conçu à cet effet, tels photobucket, imageshack ou autres. Vous pouvez aussi y déposer de l'information ou y poser vos questions.
-You've adopted a bird ? Here you will find information about the appropriate size cage for each species, playgrounds, facilities, toys and confection details. Pictures are allowed if hosted on websites such as photobucket, imageshack or others. You can also submit information or ask questions.
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Gravel and gravel products

Messagepar Jojo » Mer Juil 24, 2013 10:47 pm

Gravel and Gravel Products
Lisa Keelty
Environmental and Wildlife Technician
AFA Certified Aviculturist

A thing of the past, many people still believe that gravel is a necessity for birds but this is far from the truth. With the exception of Doves and Quail, most pet birds hull the portion of the seed they eat and therefore do not need any type of gravel product to help crush food in the gizzard (stomach). If given, birds that overly consume gravel will have a compacted gizzard which will result in death, a risk not worth taking. Instead oyster shell can be given, it is 100% safe and a good source of calcium.

Sandpaper products such as papers and perch covers are gimmicks at best. They provide no real aid to any toe nail filling and can even scrape off the skin on the bottom of the feed. They should be avoided.
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