Why do parrots need toys ?

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Why do parrots need toys ?

Messagepar Jojo » Lun Déc 31, 2012 2:48 pm

People often ask the question: why do parrots need toys ???

Because the parrot is an active animal that have psychological needs to fill. Parrots are playful animals who love to explore, touch and taste new textures, see new colors. In addition, toys are mental distractions that encourage animals to exercise and contribute to the wear and tear of the beak and preserve the integrity of your furniture.

Provided with a great intelligence and very sensitive to his environment, a parrot will tend to get bored easily. The toys will be of great use to alleviate boredom. Toys can also be used to encourage good behavior by giving your bird a foot toy as a reward and as a positive reinforcement as well. Moreover, the young parrot practice balance, coordination and dexterity while playing. Safe toys made of natural fibers with different textures and attractive colors, will enriched the environment and will stir his curiosity. To avoid a loss of interest and maintain a recreational climate, it is also important to regularly rotate the toys. Leather and wood toys are used to maintain his beak, climbing ropes will use up his energy, educational toys will fill up his need to learn and communicate.

Parrot psychological development involves the discovery of their environment, but also involves integrating him in his social group. Unfortunately, absences imposed by us working and often irregular schedules of the parrot human family, contradict with his gregarious instinct. This inescapable reality can become a major stress factor for the bird to negotiate with a feeling of loneliness that his gregarious nature has not prepared him to deal with, so it is important to provide toys that will keep him busy during your absence. It is therefore important to educate him as earky as possible in his life, to play with toys that are presented to him, while participating in their games and by showing him how to play with his toys, so he becomes increasingly autonomous playing, while being able to deal with you not being there. A parrot who has learned to play with his toys will be less likely to develop behavioral problems such as screaming, pecking or others.

Playing with your parrot is a wonderful opportunity to build a healthy and fulfilling relationship, while learning more and more about his personality and behavior. Not giving your parrot the opportunity to play, is depriving him of a meaningful life and compromising both his physical and emotional balance .
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