Proper etiquette

-L'oiseau trouvé a faim, il a un comportement bizarre ou il vous semble malade. Bref, vous avez des doutes ou certains questionnements sur un oiseau trouvé ou le vôtre. Vous trouverez ici de l'information pertinente pour vous aider. Vous pouvez aussi y déposer de l'information ou y poser vos questions.
-The bird you found seems hungry, he has a weird behavior or seems sick. You have some doubts or questions about a found bird or about your own. Here you will find relevant information to help you. You can also submit information or ask questions.
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Proper etiquette

Messagepar Jojo » Mer Juil 24, 2013 10:59 pm

Proper Etiquette
Lisa Keelty
Environmental and Wildlife Technician
AFA Certified Aviculturist

All birds need to be taught some basic commands such as "step up" and "step down". These commands should be understood when the bird is still a chick but many pets are headstrong and enjoy playing run away games with their owners. This may seem cute but it undermines your authority as head of the flock and sets you up for further failure if not addressed properly.

Step Up - Step Down
Spend a few minutes a day teaching your bird to step up and down. This can be done easily and mastered in 24 hours. While your bird is standing on a perch or stand place your hand above his feet against his belly and gently push saying the command "Step up". Most birds will step up almost immediately (but some babies might be clumsy). Repeat the procedure from hand to hand several times. To step down, gently lower your hand near a perch and with the perch in front of your bird move your hand forward so he climbs up.

Standing a small distance away encourage your bird to come to you either by calling his name, holding a treat or both. Once he accomplishes the task properly keep making the distance greater and repeat. This can be done together with step up and down.

Some things to consider when doing training;
Always reward your pet when he does what you want correctly.
Never punish a failed attempt.

Begin by using food rewards and then eventually replacing them with attention.

Keep training sessions short and sweet, if it gets boring your bird will be less likely to cooperate.

It's always good to brush up on the basics! Now and then repeat old lessons.
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