A parrot sanctuary here in Quebec

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A parrot sanctuary here in Quebec

Messagepar Jojo » Mar Oct 16, 2012 3:53 pm

CO-ESP project

(Quebec mutual aid cooperative for the survival of parrots)


Perroquetsecours is a partner in this project and we give it all of our support !

The Quebec avian bird community presently faces a major overpopulation problem. The birds will no longer have places to live should something happen to their owner.

By evaluating the attendance of some specialized veterinary clinics, we estimated the bird population to be more than 6000, all species included, who will find themselves homeless over the coming years.

There is no organization able to ensure a long-term survival for all these parrots here in Quebec. Currently, their is no existing facilities able to receive all at once, a considerable number of parrots, while offering them a life quality.

A support center for the survival of parrots must be put in place for their life expend, which is a long, long time.

The CO-ESP project is to implement here in Quebec, an aviary center for parrot's survival, by creating a solidarity cooperative and a mutual economic aid (CO-ESP).

The avian survival center, a sanctuary, will allow all cooperative members, mainly parrot owners, to place their parrot(s) for different periods of time according to their needs and will also allow orphans parrots to live in a place that respects their specificity which is to fly.

They will find themselves in a place that will give them the possibility of returning in a way to nature, while living within an environement inspired by Quebec's indigenous flora.

Your opinion is very important !

We invite you to complete the survey which will allow us to know your opinion on the subject.

Access the survey at the following link : http://www.perroquetsecours.com/CO_ESP_survey.php

If you have any questions or if you need additional information, please contact us at the following email address :


Thank you !
Présidente Perroquetsecours

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