(04 Sept. 2011) trouvé ara bleu et or à Vancouver CB

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(04 Sept. 2011) trouvé ara bleu et or à Vancouver CB

Messagepar Jojo » Lun Sep 05, 2011 10:31 pm

Vu sur 911parrotalert : http://www.911parrotalert.com/found/sig ... ept-04-11/
Species: Macaw - Blue and Gold (See species list for details)
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6E 1R5
Date Found: September 4, 2011
Update: According to a 911PA volunteer, the macaw has been captured and is in the hands of Vancouver Animal Control. The owner of the missing Langley macaw has been informed and is contacting VAC.


We weren’t able to catch him and we tried to get him help to no avail. But if you are missing this macaw he is alive and roaming around downtown Vancouver. We phoned the emergency SPCA line among others and nobody was able/willing to help He was last seen on a power line running across Nelson Street about 1/2 block West of Granville Street. Good luck.
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